Palm Oil

Palm oil is one of the most basic commodities in the world and it is found in many edible and non-edible products. Palm oil is the world’s second most consumed edible oil and accounts for 30% of the global edible oil market. Global demand has increased vastly and a recent study has shown that 10-15% of products in any grocery shop will contain some form of palm oil. About 90% of the world’s palm oil is utilized in edible applications in a variety of food products. Crude Palm Oil (CPO) when refined (RBD Palm Olein), is popular as a cooking and frying oil. Palm oil also has a high solid glyceride content which gives it a desirable consistency with hydrogenation, making it a popular choice in manufactured food products.

As a visionary, next-generational trader of palm oil, palm olein, palm refined products and oleo chemicals, ProSympac has an extensive global network of suppliers and customers that is steadily growing. We Having an established network around the world with good partners allows ProSympac to do the distribution of palm products to countries like India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. This distribution channel helps complete the supply chain of the palm oil business and ProSympac is targeting to expand this business to more emerging markets.


We have steadily built up traded volumes in recent years to become one of only two truly global market operators. As the coal market becomes more challenging, not only with several major economies acting to reduce their reliance on coal in the energy mix but with increasing competition from alternative energy sources, Trafigura remains committed to the market. Our focus is on developing advantageous origination strategies, novel trading flows, and innovative delivery methods that will allow us to continue to build volumes and grow market share.

We apply these approaches across the full range of thermal coal qualities, in all the major points of origin, and across all the major global sales markets. We also serve coking coal customers across the world and are growing our presence in coke and petcoke. Our global sales network, strength and reliability as a contractual counterparty continue to generate opportunities. Our positions evolve with changing patterns of trade and relative pricing. But our approach remains fundamentally unchanged: we employ our extensive physical trading positions to deliver valuable intermediation and logistics services to our clients.